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Approaches and Methodology

Information gathering, Sharing, Application Design, Build, Test, Release, Follow up and continuous improvement.

Calongo IT Consultant

Our approach and methodology avoids misinterpretation during the design and coding phases. We engage our customers in early stage of our process. By doing this we save time and money from both sides, thus building the right solutions for you and your customers.


Connections with customers and project stakeholders are keys to continue delivering our projects and solutions. 

TIIBS Connections

We not just connect with business partners, colleagues or even family and friends, but also ensure that during the project life time, nothing is missing and we can track back all the projects artifacts that make our lesson learned a true source of data repository.


doesn’t stop with the release of a new product. All the phases of project  comes with it’s own achievement .

Calongo Consultor tecnologias de Informacao

Customer achievement is our measure of success and satisfaction. We will work together, during all the phases of the project to ensure that by delivering the best solution and cost saving approach, customer gets what really they need. The more you save the better you get.

Continous improvement

Our ongoing efforts to make our services and products distinct from others is our continuous improvement process. We collect data, analyze data and use it toward new projects. When successfully implemented or to correct something that would be done in a different way, as we’re not afraid of making mistakes but aware of the best way approach is not learning from mistakes but preventing them.

Become a partner

Calongo International IT Business PartnersAlthough we are an International IT Consultanting Company,  we’re always looking for opportunities to find new partners in new markets around the world. By becoming a partner you just don’t sell our services and products but also you or your company will build and maintain a professional and business relationship with us. We will inform you about our development and long term objectives

If you are interested in becoming a partner please click here and send us your business or personal information.

Relations and Referrals

CalongoITConsultantReferralShould you be interested in referring our services and products to your friends, colleagues, please do so, we will send a bonus or get a discount if your order, service or product.

Your gift or discount will be sent upon we receive the payment from your referral.

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Areas of Consulting

  • Software Quality Assurance
    All of us have direct or indirectly been affected by a software misinterpretation, lack of time for complete integration and other facts. The more recent and known software ‘fiasco’ still the Healthcare.gov website where due to the complexity and parts involved (big players), whereSo why should you get the lessons from this fiasco and hire a professional to deal with all the Software Quality Assurance 
  • Software and Web Development
    Build the right software can be a overwealming process. You should not go through this. Gives as your specs and we deliver what you need
  • Web Hosting and Internet and Digital Marketing
    Have your online presence on us, either by hosting or optimizing your site
  • IT training and hand-on experince
    Want to keep up with the technology or want to change your career?We can put you on the right path … more

Case Studies

Mini Market Segama was looking for a POS solution under a strict buget. The advise, solution and training provided, was well received by the business owner.

ZamexigroupZemexi Group – A Business Traveler Company who needs a quick turn around on their website to communicate with clients and business partners.

Gestao EclesiasticaINSJM -A church that need an application to better manager their members and associates developed in C# and MSSQL.

Churrasqueira Nova LisboaChurrasqueira Nova Lisboa – A restaurant that needs to take online order and have their website published on different directories

GACE - Gestao EscolarGACE – School Management Software – Robustic and state of the art software to manage and administer school activities

Click here for more about our case studies